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Originally Posted by CardzFan1 View Post
Good to see an athlete like that coming up. If he is that good -- and he has some size -- getting him on the field this year at WR may be good for some varsity reps. Sounds like Floriea may be changing positions next year if Kip is as good as advertised. Either way, the future looks bright for the skilled positions, especially if Mentor finds a reliable RB. Will Kip has a chance to start JV at QB over Floriea this year or will they take their time with him and have him compete next year? Good to see that they have a game plan with Shea at QB in an emergency.
Floriea is a terrific athlete. My guess is he sees time this year as backup QB and maybe starting WR. Kip would likely play a mix of frosh and JV games. If Floreia plays WR, he wouldn't play any JV at all. His QB time would come in mop up time. Kip likey would play JV and the QB from Memorial (Baird) would play frosh; he was solid also.. Guess it all depends on what Triv decides but either way, they're set at QB for next four years.
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