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Originally Posted by CardzFan1 View Post
I am hoping that the Mentor coaching staff has learned their lesson from the first six games of last year and continue to use Tatarunas like the last four games -- primarily as a pocket passer. He is not in the Trubisky of Krizancic mold, continually rolling out and using his legs to run on the outside. The O-line is supposed to be good and hopefully Tatarunas will be better at quick reads and getting rid of the ball, along with going through progressions better. This is his chance to shine. Not too many QBs get the chance to start three full seasons, especially at Mentor. Has Mentor ever had a QB start the season opener as a sophomore?
Abbott (2001-2003) - started at QB as a sophomore
Jacquemain (2004) - started at QB as a sophomore at Lake Catholic
Tanski (2005-2007) - started some games as a sophomore
Mayse (2008-2009) - started junior/senior seasons
Trubisky (2010-2012) - started as a sophomore with Colton Wallace
Krizancic (2013) - started QB as a senior, started at WR as sophomore/junior
Floriea (2014) - started QB as a senior after transferring from Lake
Tatarunas (2015-2017) - three-year starter at QB

Even in 2013, it was a sophomore (Matt Eiswerth) that was given some starts at QB while Krizancic was recovering from injury.
More often than not, if you AREN'T getting varsity looks as a sophomore at Mentor, then you probably aren't in the future plans at QB. Krizancic is pretty much the only exception in the 2000's. Every other productive QB got the reins a bit (if not full-time) during 10th grade.

P.S. There is a sophomore QB on this roster that might find his way to some varsity action this year. Dare I say, maybe even taking a productive snap
or starting a game? Just throwing it out there...
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