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Originally Posted by Crusaders View Post
Phase 1 of the project is slated to be $200-$250million. It wasn't pulled out of thin air. The $15billion is the projection that came from a study. Its reliability is being called into question, and I've acknowledged that the whole time. Does anyone really feel like that HOF with improvements cannot be a bigger draw? That the stadium cannot be better utilized for entertainment? That a retail and restaurant area would fall flat on its face? THAT is what I don't buy. Even. If the project only brings in half the economic benefit, it would be well worth it. Hell, 1/4 would be great.

By your logic, the NFL would be on a rampage to fully fund and build a new stadium in LA. They don't behave this way and really never had.

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Crusader, I never said the cost were pulled from thin air, but experience tells me that stuff happens that make the cost go up. Plus the whole project not phases is currently estimated at 475 million.

I did question the 15 billion that this project is supposed to bring in. I have stated many times that this sound like a good idea and it will draw better, but for any public money to fund this private enity there better be due delligence beforehand from the government itself. They cannot just take the other parties word.

I will tell you what, I will put my money where my mouth is. I did the math in a previous post for you with the numbers stated in the article. If those numbers are correct or half correct like you always bring up, if the NFL won't fund it I will as I am sure others maybe even yourself would want to also. I will sell my home,take out wife and my retirement,drain savings,drain kids college fund, barrow as much money as I can (I'm a Dave Ramsey kind of guy I don't barrow money so this is a huge statement for me to make) etc. I will take any government penalty for touching tax deferred money and pull it all and buy shares in this. I will live dirt poor for the 4 years to get this built then I will laugh at the world in 2020 when I am making top 1% type money.

Let me ask you, you think the NFL owners would give me this chance if this was so profitable? They would change how they act if those numbers are even half accurate like you always state. Yet their response is yawn! Again if the city can get 10-15% ROI on what they invest whatever that number is, it is a good deal.

Not sure what you point about LA is, never saw the numbers from that nor do I know the verocity of said study.