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Originally Posted by Mikefln View Post
Never said it had no chance, never said they shouldn't go through with it. In fact I said this sounds like a good thing but I find those numbers optimistic. I said Canton needs to do their own due diligence, and not take the NFLs word with those numbers. Those numbers sound too good to be true and we know what happens more time than not when it sounds too good. Right now though we have numbers that are way optimistic, and the NFL still wants Canton to put money in. If those numbers were even half correct the NFL would be busting its to make this project a go. From what I see the NFL is moving slow.

That makes me wonder what the real projections are and what would be Canton ROI (return on investment)? This is business 101 folks. Crusader stated that the NFL wants Canton (a small city that is economically depressed) to front more than half the cost (250 million) of a 475 million dollar project. Is Canton going to get half the revenue? All I am saying is that Canton is not New York, Chicago, he'll it is not even Pittsburgh or Cleveland when taking a financial hit. They need to leave no stone unturned when trying to figure out their ROI, or they will be worse than Detriot.
Nobody EVER said it didn't have a chance. All we're questioning are where they got the data points for the projections. Mikefln, don't try to discuss anything logical with these guys. They have their own agendas. Facts do not play into said agenda.