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Originally Posted by Sykotyk View Post
You don't know what Annual means?

The state, county, city, etc shouldn't care how much revenue the NFL brings it, they should care how much tax money THEY bring in to cover the expenditure of the government.

Sure, the NFL thinks it's a great deal and is completely happy with it. For instance, if I give you $100 to do something, and you turn around and make $1000 on it and I get $10 back on the deal... do you think I'd be happy? Sure, YOU'D be happy, but I wouldn't be.
Of course I do, I'm afraid my point escapes you.

If the economy sees $7.5 billion over 25 years instead of the projected $15billion, so what? That's still $7.5 billion that would not have been there before, and it cost the city a fraction of that to get moving. So if people want to harp on one the annual return, I say who the hell cares? As long as the economy is benefiting as predicted, the money will come.

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