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Originally Posted by Oil Filter View Post
There is no polite way to put this: you have no idea what you're talking about. The rudiments of investment and return completely elude you.

Example: The ticket surcharge tax has no expiration. Should we then accept a potential break-even point in 2000 years as being acceptable?

Rhetorical question: do you understand the concept of opportunity cost? What other investments might be foregone to make this one? Is this the best possible use of the tax dollars?

An investment with no firm payback forecast is an easy decision. But not the decision that you would make. However, it is the decision that any responsible investor would make.
I absolutely know how investment works. I'm afraid that your paranoia and pessimism are not shared here.

Ignoring the projections just because you don't feel like public money should be spent is, well, ignorant. The projections exist for a reason and they don't pull them out of thin air. Even if works out to be half a lucrative, it would be worth it for the city.

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