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I don't get why a lot of people are so defensive of this girl. I got attacked on twitter for saying "If you live in Northeast Ohio, get out and see Taylor M. (Massillon - Jackson), Nazi Hilmon (Gilmore Academy), V. Meyers (Solon) before they leave for Maryland, Michigan, Florida St.". Everyone from Canton area and a lot of students, came at me for not mentioning Bell. But yet all I was meaning was Srs in our area lol. Who cares about her age? A lot of students get held back or graduate HS when their 18 or even when they turned 19. When I graduated HS back in 06, I know a lot of students back then who got held back for sports or whatever reason and graduated when they turned 19. It's no big deal or anything you should attack a kid over or get so defensive over.. Everyone is gonna has haters, it's called Jealousy..
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