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Originally Posted by MCGal View Post
Homer is the best you've got Wadz? I've sat ALL YEAR LONG and heard people talking poorly about the kid... I've heard adults who have clear agendas and morality issues trash the kid and some have even passed along false information to college coaches. Thankfully those coaches are smart enough to check with people who actually know what they're talking about.

We've all sat and just let it go for too long. Someone should defend the girl from this ridiculousness.
First, Bell is 18 years old going on 19, and will be eligible. She is old for a junior, but not the first. Nothing to get defensive about, it is what it is. I have never heard anyone say it is not an advantage because it is, but so what. To say it is an advantage is true. So I acknowledge it and move on.

I read a lot, and I can say I have never read a negative word written about Bell. In the conversations I have been part of where Bell came up, I have not heard a negative word spoken. I have heard people say she is old for a junior but that is a fact, not a negative. Some people have said it is positive for her because she has been able to develop physically in that time.

Some people have intimated people are saying negative things about her, I am happy to say I have not heard any. State the facts, let them stand. Get used to people using forums to discuss players, help with clarifying inaccuracies, we all appreciate that. These are great forums to questions answered.

She is one of many great girl basketball players to come out of Ohio. Ohio is blessed to have so many exceptional athletes to cherish.
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