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Originally Posted by EagleFan View Post
As far as new football programs at existing schools, West Union, North Adams, Peebles, Winchester Eastern, and all have some club teams that someday could convert to official school teams. Middletown Christian hopes to convert back to official OHSAA too. Toledo Horizon Science and Elyria Open Door.

Olentangy has a 10+ year plan on a 5th high school, we shall see if it comes to fruition.

Pickerington South?
I'd like to see all those Club teams become full members. Open Door isn't big enough to have Soccer and Football IMO. As much as the Columbus Suburbs are growing, none of those would surprise me either. I know Houston in Shelby County had Youth Football. Unsure if they still do or not. I know they are big enough for a football team. Lincolnview?
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