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Originally Posted by Sykotyk View Post
But "just trying something" is pointless if you can't at least infer what your changes will do and what was causing the problem in the first place.

Aging population, prevalence of televised and streamed games, too many things else to do keeping fans from traveling to playoff games sometimes hours away, people being lazier and not wanting to deal with HS stadiums hosting games with limited parking, fans are more fickle about weather than in the past, etc.

There's been numerous reasons stated in the past why attendance has been trending down for the past couple decades.

Now, if you do change things up, you have to then figure what those changes will do and what negative impacts they'll have.

There may not be a ton of fans that go to multiple games on a weekend in the playoffs, but they're not an insignificant amount. They also completely overlooked kids who are still playing going to a game on the day other than their game. There are a segment of the population that can't attend Friday night games unless they're very close to home that look forward to the Saturday games.

By combining everything to Friday, you're removing all of those possible attendees. The only benefit to having Friday games is for neutral people who already can attend Friday games. And then they've just increased the number of potential games to see, rather than anything that draws in newer fans.

Could an 8pm start on Friday help some of the longer travel games? Get rid of live television? Lower ticket prices? Reconsider playoff brackets to account for travel over seeding to give better regional matchups with the least amount of travel?

There's no reason a first round game has a two-plus hour trip. Sure, they've had that issue in the past as well, but as attendance drops, looking at things that cut costs and increase attendance SHOULD be looked at.

And what day of the week games are aren't as big an issue as things like travel, cost, quality of the matchup (nobody wants to see a guaranteed blowout), etc.
Honest question, how many early round games are on live TV? enough to seriously affect attendance?