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Originally Posted by my2sense View Post
M Klein and Co, an New York advisory firm that brokers large dollar deals is joining the HOF Village project. They will be providing financial and strategic advice. Managing partner Michael Klein will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Canton Chamber of Commerce dinner. He sits on the NFL international advisory board.
I'm glad to see someone attached to the NFL more involved, and new PR is sorely needed. But Mr. Klein's services don't come cheap. His fees for financial advice during Dow's merger were $40-50 million. Not that expensive in our case, but worrisome for a project with financial troubles.

Chamber of Commerce dinners are all well and good, sure. I hate sounding like a broken record, but isn't there someone in the media that can place a phone call to Baker or someone and simply ask "when is construction resuming?" Doesn't have to be exact. A rough timetable. Perhaps that will be addressed there? This is the kind of thing that should have been known before the Port Authority signed off on the loan.