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If running backs are the be all end all ... then how come the best RB from the past decade ... Adrian Peterson ... is only 1-4 in playoff games for his career?

Bell makes the Steelers better ... but Roethlisberger makes them special
Fournette makes the Jags better ... but Bortles holds them back
Ingram/Kamara makes the Saints better ... but Brees drives the ship
Elliott (& OL) make the Cowboys good ... but they will only go as far as Dax takes them

The Browns have had top five picks for the past three years now ... and need to come away with their QB ... yea, this years QBs are a bigger gamble than Barkley ... but so was Goff & Wentz a couple years ago ... unless they sign Cousins (not going to happen) ... they are going to draft a QB.
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