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Originally Posted by T-town View Post

I will say this, MVCDS does hold to their "no cut" rule as they have several teams. They have their legit basketball team and then they have their tuition payers basketball team consisting of awkward Chinese foreign exchange students that play 40 minutes of something close to basketball? Usually played against like minded "clubs" ending in 8-8 ties which everyone seems to be ok with.

The MVCDS board of trustees resembles a model U.N. (including a Block & Stranahan) and they talk all about diversity on their website but is what they fail to mention is they really like "choice diversity" rather than true integrated diversity. In other words they like to pick and choose who and how they are diverse, and not have diversity "happen" like 99% of the world.

Anyone coaching or associated with kids by OHSAA rules must get finger printed and pass an FBI background check. Dreadlocks and a 2004 Chevy Tahoe with oversized chrome rims aside.
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