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Originally Posted by TeamVisionWrestling View Post
Alright, I'll do my best to describe the situation and what I interpret the rule to be.

If a wrestler certifies and makes scratch 145. But then weigh ins at 152 and bumps to 160 in a dual. Are they still 145 eligible?

The way it was explained to me was (by many refs and other coaches), once you make scratch at your eligible weight class, the most you can wrestle over it is one weight class or you forfeit the ability to wrestle in the post season at that weight class.

The post season is coming up and we have seen a ton of wrestlers in the state duals wrestle two weight classes higher than they are going to be wrestling in the post season. There was a case last year where Team A called Team B out on the exact circumstance and Team B had to forfeit in the Semi-Finals of their League tournament because they were deemed ineligible.

Thanks Refs! And sorry if the way I explained it was confusing - did the best I can.
I know it will come across as a cop out but this is one of the reasons that I don't answer questions like this. Instead I always tell the person to call one of the State Rules Interpreters or to call the OHSAA office. This way they get (hopefully) the most correct info possible. Like the question above, this is an administrative matter and is not within the responsibilities of a mat official. My thoughts on a matter like this mean absolutely nothing. IMO, this would be true of all mat officials.
Don't get yourself into a corner, contact the people who make (and more importantly enforce) the rules.
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