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Originally Posted by Lambeau Fields View Post
Key things to look for On Top:

* Watch for parallel riding (riding hips) w/o an attempt to break down the opponent.

* Watch for parallel riding with opponent broken down on the mat with no attempt to get perpendicular to work for fall or near fall.

Bottom Line: Riding parallel, legs wrapped (or not), on the hips looking like you are trying to work a power half will not cut it.
This is exactly how I coach my wrestlers as well. I'm often telling them to transition and when the opponent is broken down, to move off the hips and try to turn.

I've seen a lot of wrestlers this year 'skirting' this by doing an ankle ride (leg wrapped over ankle, hips off to the side) and for the most part I've seen officials allowing the top man to just ride on the leg for an entire period without showing signs of giving stalling.

I understand the whole topic is very dynamic, relative to the particular situation on the mat. I'm really just interested in what officials are instructed to look for in determining whether to make the call or not.

Thanks for the link, it provided a lot of help.
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