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Originally Posted by BobPreusse View Post
"Seems to solve a stalling issue but creates a different problem, doesn't it?"

JimB, not for me, top guy still gets 30 seconds, the better ones will learn to use that time to aggresively go for back points. The bottom guy can just lay there and fight it off for 30 seconds or he can try to score himself. Either way it eliminates much of the boring riding. U must use top or lose it.

And then this miserable, tired, worn out, never resolved old topic will not come up again.
Refs should love it. ...s/BobP
You know me. I have zero problems with it. I will do whatever they want us to do. I was merely pointing out that there is a flip side.
BTW, I was never one of those who thinks that our job is to prepare guys for wrestling in college. However, some folks do think that way.
If the rules people like an idea like this, I am good with it.
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