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Originally Posted by Cougarfan22 View Post
I agree Massillon is similar to Barberton last year. Saw them play in person too. Massillon keeps propping up St V win this year but remember what Barberton did to St V last year? Ran rough shod over a mediocre schedule (similar to Massillon this year) and into week 3 of the playoffs when they hit the wall (Hoban). Hoban is fully rested (only play 1-2 guys both ways maybe and then for only a half), and getting stronger every week (weight room). Come week 13 you will start seeing more guys playing both ways in certain schemes and the O line will take over line of scrimmage. Load the box and they will go up top, even if you load the box they can still run behind Rumler, Big Walt and 2-3 fullbacks/tight ends. Defensively you can forget about running the ball, have to beat them through the air. That is your best hope. Ask WW how that worked last year?

We get it, Hoban invented the game of football.