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Originally Posted by ccrunner609 View Post
Psycho...lets remember that the state and regional schedules back then were all divisions ran at the same time so they had more heats between events.
Not in the NE and the state meets in the 80's certainly were not. In fact, the time schedule now is much better than what we ran at the Regional meet. We had no time schedule. My senior year they the D2 meet at Mansfield so fast that no one could come back in the 800 from the 1600. I did not get a cool down or warm up between events and was in the bullpen so fast it was unreal. They at least have a time schedule now.

I also never heard of fast food training or read runners world or any other such magazine.

Girls should be getting better. I think they were pretty darn good in the 80's too for how long it had been around. They didn't even compete at the state until around '75 and the 3200 wasn't competed until 84' or so. Might be the biggest sport in the state for girls participation and growing.
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