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Originally Posted by Johnstown Benny View Post
I agree that it does seem strange that Bobby Patton would leave Stanford and transfer to North Florida after 2 years because of the quality of education he would have received from Stanford vs North Florida and the value of a degree from Stanford would carry and this is where the story gets really confusing.

I did some research on Bobby Patton Jr and found where he did play basketball at Stanford for his first 2 years in college and then verified that he did, indeed transfer to North Florida and played there for the seasons of 1993 thru 1995. In the North Florida media guide I found where he was the team's leading scorer for the 94/95 season with 356 points and also led the team in assists with 129 that season. He also ranks 4th in career assists w/ 232, 4th in 3 pt fg percentage w/ 39% and 5th in career treys made w/124.

What is odd to me is the fact his coaching resume listed in a couple of newspaper articles shows him graduating from Stanford in 1995 with a degree in Political Science and later a masters from Kent State. I wonder how he played hoops at North Florida during the '95 season and then somehow still graduated from Stanford in '95 ?????? In the newspaper articles I looked at none have any mention of him ever playing basketball at North Florida ???? Yet he is listed in the North Florida media guide as having played there 2 years and also shows his HS as Youngstown Liberty so there is no question it's the same person. Maybe someone closer to NE Ohio hoops can shed some light on the
1995 confusion with graduating from Stanford while playing for North Florida.

Apparently he has coached hs basketball for several years in NE Ohio at Westlake, Kenston, and Solon and prior to that was an Ast coach at Dublin Coffman. Interesting, not to mention confusing.

Bobby Patton had a "hands on" approach during his days as basketball coach @ Pleasant.
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