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Originally Posted by DB 04 View Post
That is correct Adolph did not play against Eds. Jabari Taylor did and nobody could stop him all season.

Coaching and discipline won the game. Eds appeared very prepared and disciplined in this game. When you're disciplined, you're usually coached pretty well. That includes being fundamentally sound. Eds had kids playing when it was their second time ever starting. Eds shut down the air game which caused hoban to rely on the ground game. Eds coaches were even quoted as Hoban being the most talented team in the state. So that's not just me saying it.
Listening to you describe poor St Ed's and their lack of talent and experience makes me feel sorry for them. That's laughable. Most of those kids don't play until they are juniors or seniors because they have so much talent. Over 100 kids that are juniors and seniors according to posters from the St Ed's thread which you are very much involved with. They have usually 2-3 freshman teams and 2 JV teams. They have more talent too to bottom than Hoban has ever had. Returning starters???? Hoban had probably 6 on offense and 6 on defense.

I do not deny that St Ed's had a great coaching talent. They do. They also have a ton of talented players to go with it. And facilities and money and on and on. Hoban is also blessed with much of the same only at a smaller level. To deny that is not being objective.

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