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Originally Posted by DB 04 View Post
We're talking about D1 and only D1 with this most recent senior class.

Ok so I was off on the kicker who had D1 looks. But I wasn't on Taylor. I said Jabari and Adolph transferring were huge. Where did I say Adolph was D1?

How many D1 scholarship players did Eds have that were seniors that year? Eds was a very young team.

I will say Coach Smith being called out running a City Series track meet wearing hoban apparel isn't fake news.
Also you statement about St Ed's being a very young team is false. Max Preps 2016 roster had 38 seniors and 36 Juniors listed. 90 plus on the roster.

Hoban had around 25 seniors and about 25 juniors with about 70 on roster. Which is in line with the size and type of school.

Please do your homework before spreading fake news.
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