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Originally Posted by DB 04 View Post
- Eds scouted the kicking game and blocked the kick that won the game for them. One of the players was interviewed and said they practiced it.

-Eds shut down the air game on Hoban.

-Eds had zero D1 scholarship seniors.

-Hoban had way more talent than Eds. It had to do with discipline, and coaching.
DB04 is dillusional and has no idea what he is talking about. Scouted the kicking game??? Miss and block were do to bad or mishandled snaps. You continue to show your ignorance and complete bias toward anything Hoban. Again because of an axe you have to grind against your alma Mater who pissed in your wheaties somewhere down the line.

Ed's had plenty of D1 players, they just may have not been seniors. Michael Dowell?? Just committed to Michigan State. Started in secondary. CB from last year who will be at Uoungstown state this year and another defensive player 2018 class with multiple D1 offers. Hoban had 2 D1 seniors and the rest were underclassman.

Talent was pretty even, Ed's had the depth in numbers. Hoban lost had 0 to do with coaching. Players did not make the plays when they had to and Sibley cramped up on final drive that would have won the game. Instead back up fumbled around the 5 yard line.
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