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Originally Posted by coachluigi View Post
...Remember Larry, which i know you do, Shump was 5th in the state. he would have to be a favorite against zollinger, but they aren't at the same weight class. If memory serves me well, shump rec'd a forfeight last night at 132. I think sophmore Casey Scalf Wrestled 138 and won, last night.
Oh, I gues we won't know then. Mathias pinned Sonny at Brecksville last year though granted Shump was having a short bout of blue funk. At 138 Zollinger is something he wasn't in 2011 while starving to make 120: STRONG. Wins in the last two weeks under his belt include last year's Ohio 3rd place at State, Drew Mcdougle, and the returning WVA State champ plus their runner up.

Like a lot of kids in this neck of the woods, the two boys have wrestled since youth matches wearing trainng-singlets.

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