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I ran a tourney for 2 years that DHC played in....both years coached by Tom. The team did things the right way, the kids were great and we had absolutely no issues with their organization. Truth is, I actually considered having my son move over to his program after our team folded after our 16U season, but the drive was just too much. I saw a lot of baseball while my son was growing up...and I would put DHC up there with any of the organizations we were involved with....and my son was involved with some of the "bigger name" orgs mentioned here. Tourneys with rain are tough on everyone.....anyone here who played in my tourney the two years I ran it will attest to that. Decisions need to be made on the fly to schedule fields, umpires, teams, etc. Anyone who has ever coached in a tourney that had significant rain will tell you that in that case you can't make everyone happy.

With regard to college commits. My son is listed on the "committment" page of an organization. He played for them one year (at 17U)....but it was with that team where the recruiting really started...and that's where the coach who eventually offered him a scholly saw him play. Sure it was only one year....should we be listed as a commit on the team he played on when he was 10U, how about 13U? I didn't think so...that would be ridiculous. It's simple....if you don't like an organization, don't go....but don't come on here bashing someone based on one incident at one tourney.
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