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For the record... Bo Jackson and Ohio Elite has posted tryouts on this site and were one of the first teams to do so. DHC is continuing to grow in our number of teams and we are excited for a great 2018. I thank the people who have seen what we have accomplished in a short period of time and we will continue to do the best for our kids. As for the Scholarship money YES IT was athletic Scholarship money NOT TO ONE PLAYER we have had several DII guys get money off and the total amount per year off ranged from $5000-$15,000. The percentage for each player was between 25-50% off their entire tuition PER YEAR over four years. So a guy that earned $15,000 per year would have earned $60,000 over four years and yes some of our kids have received academic money as well. I am sorry if I did not explain it the right way and of course they need to finish all four years of school to get all the money.

As for the tournament we played the format set forth by the director. For the record DHC has no problem playing any team and we have also beat many of the programs mentioned in this forum and yes we have also lost to them. It is baseball and some times you win and sometimes lose. We have respect for every organization out there and wish them luck in 2018.

DHC will continue to provide the best possible program to the student athletes of greater Cleveland. We hope to see you at tryouts in a few weeks and have the opportunity to present our program to your families.


Tom Aspero
President Diamond Hit Club
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