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Few if any D2 player receives anything close to $15, 000 in athletic scholarship $. Get a clue, most are lucky to get $5,000 or less. The majority of D2 baseball scholarship money goes to established players already on the roster who have actually produced. If a D2 freshman get's athletic scholarship $, then kid is most likely a PO, shortstop, possibly catcher. Considering these are Diamond Hit Club kids, the figures are probably less. Now, if you are talking about organizations such as Ohio Elite, Bo Jackson, Midland, that figure may be more realistic. $155,000 awarded baseball scholarship money to 10 kids over the past 3 years is laughable! If those figures were accurte, the Diamond Hit Club organization wouldn't have to advertise for players on Yappi, as they would be too busy turning prospects away. Just use some common sense, or possibly you have no clue how the process of earning either athletic or academic scholarship money actually works.
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