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Cognitive Dissonance

Originally Posted by Hitnrun View Post
Simply put, don't put financial numbers out there that may be confusing to the average parent of a young teen, implying that your organization can get their son that kind of athletic scholarship money, when in fact that's not true. We all know the real money comes from academic awards, which any kid in any organization can earn. Parents see that $155,000 figure, and potentially jump at the opportunity to get their little Johnny a baseball scholarship. Bait and switch?
First of all, is that $155k number actual? Probably, and quite low if you consider it solely Athletic Scholarship money. Of the players listed by DHC that went on to play D-2, (10) of them, how much Athletic Scholarship money did they receive? $15k each if you do the math, or maybe (1) got more than others?
"Bait and Switch"??? -
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