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More money for D-3

Originally Posted by Bugsy8875 View Post
Of this list of College Commitments from your program, which ones actually got money to play? Most of these are D3 and Community Colleges. There is no money there.
Your belief is a misnomer. "There is no money there" for an athletic scholarship at a D-3 school, is a 1/2 truth. There is more money to be awarded at a D-3 school if the player is highly recruited. D-3 schools have grants which can be awarded for many different reasons, NOT solely for academics.
A more true statement is that there is no money for baseball athletic scholarships at D-1 and D-2 schools, unless you are a pitcher or catcher, or in the top 2% of entering baseball players. Even then there are restrictions to how much money a player can receive (Baseball), because of the schools overall Athletic Scholarship regulations; which include if that player receives $10k in Athletic + $10k in Scholarship- it counts as $20k toward that programs "Athletic Money". Many D-1/D-2 programs offer players spots on their rosters because they will receive more money based on academics, saving their athletic scholarship money for the 2%'r who is dumb as a rock. (How does that normally work out for them?).
D-3 schools have more flexibility to offer a Board of Directors Grant, President's Grant, Egg Scrambler Grant, Tiddly Winks Grant, etc etc, without the scrutiny of the NCAA regulations.
If your goal is to play baseball at the collegiate level and attain the best education possible, D-3 is the way to go. Unless of course your a 2%'r who will go D-1/D-2 and get drafted in the MLB- and that's 1% of players after/during the College level, which obviously your son must be?
Let me know who that top prospect is; I'd love to follow him and watch him succeed at that D-1/D-2 and on to the MLB. I would venture to say his name is Dillon Dingler- Because he's the only one of (80) players I saw play with my son (who's going D-3, who received $29k off of a $49K per year school with less than a 3.0gpa and 24 on his ACT) at the All Ohio Mizuno Games three weeks ago, who has a shot to "make it"- of course I'm certain your son was there so I'm certain you know who I'm talking about?
If not I certainly hope he receives an excellent education and got to play the game he loved (in college) without sending you to the "poor farm" after investing $5-10K (maybe more) per year on Little League and High School Travel Baseball. In the end, the "Come Line" on the Craps Table would have been a better investment.
Regardless if the player goes D-1, D-2, D-3 or JUCO, the odds are the same for each individual player to make it to the MLB.
Also there is no such thing as a "full ride" for baseball; just sayin....
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