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You must mean over $155,000 awarded scholarship money ranging from 25% to 50% awarded from D2 schools as being primarily academic scholarship monies. No way that total could be actual athletic baseball scholarship monies, because that's just not believable. D2 schools as we know are limited in their baseball scholarship monies, so if any kid received even $5000 in baseball money, that would be high end. So using your math, at say $5000 per kid, then you would have over 30 kids receiving top D2 baseball scholarship $ these past three years ? Highly unlikely. You should be more clear regarding your figures, especially dealing with people who have had multiple kids play at the D2 level and above. Now, if that awarded $155,000 you speak of is primarily academic money earned by student athletes, give those kids the credit for putting their academics ahead of their baseball priorities. But no way your organization is getting that many kids those baseball athletic scholly money.
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