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Originally Posted by Diamond Hit Club View Post
To clear things up... What happened is rain came in and it was so bad the tournament posted single elimination after everyone's first pool game. Every team in the tournament made it to single Elimination including this independent team starting with each team's next pool play games regardless of the any of the previous games played in the entire tournament. DHC went on the next day to win two games securing a final eight spot in the tournament on Sunday.
Clear things up ? That's an interesting choice of words. The selection of verbiage in such situations seems pretty important. Could you tell me if anything in the next paragraph is wrong ? This still "smells funny"....

So, your loss against the indie team (truth) netted you a first game in single-elimination bracket play against another 0-1 team (truth). The indie team that beat you was rewarded for the win against you with a game against another 1-0 team (truth) to begin single elimination.

Each of my sons have played thousands of innings of tournament baseball (truth). I've never seen or heard of anything like that before (truth).

Originally Posted by Diamond Hit Club View Post
In regards to League Directors and teams refusing to play also untrue. This independent team did get to play a game just like all the other 32 teams including DHC after their first pool game. They lost in single elimination play and did not make it to the next round.
I'm told the indie team played their second pool opponent, lost the game, and was out - but with a refund. DHC played their second pool game and went into a 16 team bracket.

It sounds like you just may as well call the first day's games practice games.
Given that it isn't on your Gamechanger with the other games, it kind of seems like you're pretending it didn't happen, anyway. I guess you may have merely benefited from dumb luck, without any maneuvering.

It's easy to believe that John had too much "good guy" about him to throw his weight around.
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