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At a recent tournament in eastern Ohio with a rain-shortened format, I hear this guy somehow weaseled his 18u team's way past some small independent team coming out of pool play, even though the indie team straight up beat him head to head and both had 1-1 records. He had also avoided playing what was regarded as the toughest team in the pool in the rain-shortened format, only beating the 0-2 team for his sole win in pool play.

Now, I'm not sure how a responsible director even lets that happen, but I'm told it's fact. It gets better, though. This director supposedly saw that he had defied all logic in creating his "emergency weather bracket", and wanted to make it right by giving a top seed an extra bye and letting the indie team that beat DHC in the first pool game play back in against another 1-1 team.

This Squiggy fellow from DHClub freaks out, calls all the other Diamond League club teams in the bracket, begs them to refuse to play the indie team, and even gets the Diamond League commissioner to threaten to boycott the tournament next year.

If anyone remembers the old Plain Dealer Travel Baseball Forum, this guy had a LOT of haters.

If it was my kid, I would have to personally know a few people that had great seasons here before I took my kid. Just sayin'...
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