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Originally Posted by PantherVOR View Post
Thank you. I never knew that.
Panther, I'll try to find the original documents.

I learned about this last year when my son came down with mono at the beginning of CC season. The story goes something like this:

Waking HR is an indication of overall body stress and when it doesn't reach homostasis overnight, then the HR is elevated. This became important when recovering from mono and we used it to regulate whether to workout and at what intensity. I also think it can be used for healthy people as well.

The key is collecting and recording baseline information when healthy and not taking medication. So in my son's case we determined his baseline waking HR was usually 45-48 bpm, we measured it everyday for months (needs to be done as soon as they wake up-we bought a unit that clips on the finger and also measures oxygen level). When his waking HR was more than 55bpm he didn't work out that day and usually the next day it was OK. The amount of rest a kid gets also can affect waking HR, so it isn't only the exercise part.
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