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I do not monitor heart rates. Long ago I had a couple heart rate monitors and used them on selected individuals, but it turned into more of a novelty than a useful tool for me to help guide workouts. In almost every situation, I could get the same information by observing the kids' respiration rates.

I remember one workout about 15 years ago where we were doing 400m repeats in track. I gave a kid a heart rate monitor after he had done 3-4 and said his group would begin whenever his heart rate returned back to 120 bpm. After 15 minutes his heart rate was still elevated but he hadn't been breathing hard after about a minute. The next weekend on a trail run, I had him wear the heart rate monitor and ran with him. We carried on a nice conversation with his heart rate in excess of 210 bpm.

I would love to have the kids record their morning heart rate because I think that really can be a predictor that you are on the edge and likely to get sick, but I still have trouble getting them to simply record their mileage...
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