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[QUOTE=madman;5288628]If a kid is struggling with any of these workouts, I'll pull him. I don't want their best race left on the field during the week at this point in the season.[QUOTE]

Late in the season you need to pay attention to each kid's needs. If you notice they are laging in a session, find out why and adjust accordingly.

The taper that everyone talks about for HS kids is probably not really needed in most situations. Kids and coaches read about it for the training olypians need and apply it to their situation, which are really not even close to the same. I had 7th graders this year mention to me that they should have easier training the week of conferences so they could "peak"-parents even asking why they were still running hard, shouldn't they "rest more?".

I really do believe this tapor is a mental thing for HS. I cannot think of a single time when I did a traditional "taper" with kids where it really provided a discontinuity in the improvement curve trajectory. The problem people have is differentiating between single event anomolies (I tapored the team and this one kid ran a 45s PR) and statistically based differences. Good coaches test and track these things. If your team is following a certain training plan and as a team they are improving 10-15s per meet, why would you make a change? This makes no sense to me. Worst case scenario with no change is they still get 10-15s faster. OK, maybe you ease up slightly, but only slightly and this really is a MENTAL difference.

Sorry for rambling about this.
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