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Originally Posted by said_aouita View Post
Agree. While a younger runner is still growing, additional rest days help. Sometimes you'll see runners lose proper form because of running with tired legs. Thinking a runner just waddling through the miles (slow from tired legs) isn't good.
What would you think of a runner taking Sunday off instead of going for a long run if they have sore legs? If early season I may say go run but if the final month of season just take Sunday off.
I always give our kids Sunday off for two reasons: 1) Most of them go to church and it is good to encourage them spending the day with their families and 2) might be the only night/morning they get a full night of rest. Most of the meets are on Saturday and they have to get up early, probably didn't sleep as much as needed and they also (hopefully) ran hard that day. I try to turn Saturday races into hard days with a 20-40min run after the race (depends on each kid) for the cooldown.
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