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Originally Posted by Running Man 101 View Post
For HS kids and maybe even college kids, absent any direct proof, I believe that a complete day of rest is helpful, maybe as much mentally as anything else. I think kids that are still growing require more rest than adults and hard training puts a stress on them that favors even more of it. I also think comparing kids outside playing and organized hard running are not equivalent activities, although I get your point and generally agree with you on this.
Agree. While a younger runner is still growing, additional rest days help. Sometimes you'll see runners lose proper form because of running with tired legs. Thinking a runner just waddling through the miles (slow from tired legs) isn't good.
What would you think of a runner taking Sunday off instead of going for a long run if they have sore legs? If early season I may say go run but if the final month of season just take Sunday off.

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