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I will agree with what most of the others are saying, and that is that it depends upon the situation.

I know of a D III team from the northwest that runs less than 50 miles per week. Their guys don't taper much, if at all. The workouts become more 5k specific towards the end of the season, the long run is reduced by a couple miles everything else remains the same. Individuals may have more changes than that but as a team it all remains there.

In a situation like you describe, I think a couple extra hours of sleep in the mornings late in the season out-weigh the results of a couple of lifting sessions.

What I would consider cutting out of the routine for a taper would be morning sessions, long runs over 10 miles. Otherwise why change what has been working. Do not change more than needed and allow enough time for the body to adapt to changes that are made.
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