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The Cavs' top-10 protected pick for the next two years is the only first round draft asset they currently could owe someone for the foreseeable future.

Obviously, my concern is they fail to move Love, resign Hood, and end up somewhere between the fringe of their protection and 7th/8th in the East and lose the pick. That would be moronic.

Provided he stays healthy, they should keep Love until at least the first of the year and let him regain trade value he's lost the last two years. On a LeBron-less team, I think he could be entertaining and average something like 24 and 12 while becoming a fairly desirable commodity again. If they can go 30ish games or so after moving him, they should safely finish in the bottom 10 while picking up three assets (1st round pick, solid rookie contract player, and an expiring/cap clearing contract). If they can hold their pick this year, they'll undoubtedly hold it in 2020 with their draft obligation either expiring or degrading to a 2nd round pick.

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