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Originally Posted by clarkgriswold View Post
I get tanking, but I don't think you have to strip things completely down to the studs to do it. Quality franchises keep it rolling without a tank job. You can rebuild without being historically bad.

I went to the Cavs regularly during the Stepien era as a buddy who was Cavs ball boy got 2 tickets for every game. There were night where there couldn't have been 500 people in the Coliseum. I clearly remember those trades and guys like Mike Bratz, Roger Phegley, Jerome Whitehead...
I agree completely ... I had a friend who worked for the Cavs during that time ... I would get in free half the time ... man it was bad.

To me it could be a selective rebuild ... when a good opportunity arises you strike a deal ... if you can get a really good deal for KLove, take it, if not hold on to him ... yea, you might take a few steps back here and there, but a complete rebuild, no ... people want to point to the 76ers as an example ... but forget about the Kings, who have been in tank mode for a decade or more. Some people want to point to GS ... but they were never in tank mode ... yes, they had a couple bad seasons, but mostly due to injuries, not tanking. Curry was a 7th pick, Thompson was a 11th pick, and Green a 35th ... donít have to have only top picks to get good.
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