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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
He apparently didn't spend much of his life here. So? And every MLB team will pay him a lot of money to pay a game. So basically you have no reason to think Gennett would love to stay in Cincinnati. Got it.

Maybe the Reds were stupid and asked for too much. Maybe teams have zero confidence in Billy's bat and will only pinch run him in the 9th inning and don't want to waste money on that. Maybe teams GMs have met Billy before and think he's an azz. There's a million reasons.
Contrary to your opinion, which few share, Billy has alot of value and the Reds certainly aren't going to give him away. He's an elite defensive player and possesses speed that few have in baseball. His inability to get on base is an issue, but as I've said here dozens of times, when he's on base, he's a treat to score more than just about anyone else in the game.
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