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Originally Posted by Auggie View Post
Certain positions are very complex when it comes to the recruiting game with QB as #1. Depth chart, system, Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, QB Coach, school history at the position, weather of the conference, etc... are some of the factors I have heard that a kid and his parents have to consider when looking at schools. I'm not sure UC was a place that checked all the boxes Burows wanted when he was looking to commit, depth chart was OK but all the other spots were not that much better than tOSU to move the needle to the 2nd fiddle in state school. His perfect fit was probably Michigan State or Wisconsin and maybe he should have looked that way but his dad knows this game and he must have went tOSU for a reason. Nonetheless he is going to graduate in May so depending how the spring plays out he can have a lot of options and be a decent free agent prospect for a QB needy program. A lot of tOSU players transfer to Duke, going to graduate school there for free would not stink. Also Florida is another program that could come into play as Emory Jones might not be as polished as advertised.
These guys all are supremely confident in their abilities and believe they will eventually start. You donít see too many D1 college QBís and NFL QBís that donít believe they are the best.

Emory Jones never impressed me in the few times I got to watch him. He was left out of The Opening for a reason.

Burrow will never start for OSU, but whatís going to happen this offseason will be amazing to watch. Urban having to decide between the best HS pure passer he claims to have ever seen (Haskins) and a kid who is his prototype QB (Martell).