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Right Call.

I was at the Lakota West Mason game last night. First boys game I have seen this season. Everyone on this thread is correct in how the event went down. What they don't talk about is that Soccer in HS is a 80 minute game and each team had many moments to shine and put the game away but they did not so we go back to blame the one play. Lakota Won the first half soundly. Mason won the entire second half except for three breakaways. The ref made the correct call by the rules and 15-17 year olds decided to play the foul as called. Period. Many other outcomes could have happened but they didn't. I thought both teams had moments of brilliance and they also showed they still have many things to work on. Mason in the final third and West in the middle of the field. I also believe this game will benefit both teams in the long run. Mason gets a big come from behind victory down 2-0 after 60 minutes, haven't had to do that in the last five or so years. West will learn the game is 80 minutes long and they must work hard all 80 minutes to win and put away teams. Both coaches did a great job with their fans and players as it could have gotten out of hand after the 5th goal but it diid not. I thought the referees did a good job in a tightly contested rivalry.! Good luck to both Cooper and Reedy the rest of the season.
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