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Originally Posted by Happygoluckky View Post
Can't wait for Steelboot...4,3,2,1....
Two things: Ref screwed up and Mason was unsportsmanlike using that situation to their advantage...PERIOD!!!

Friend of mine talked to the refs after the game and the center ref told him that he thought Mason would play it back to their keeper on the restart. He could obviously see that Mason had no intention of that as they were setting up to take the kick (packing the West box, etc.). What he should have done as soon as Mason played the ball into the box is call a "phantom" foul on Mason and award West a free kick. I understand he was almost credited with the assist over the Mic by the PA from West.

Several questionable things occurred during that sequence. The Mason player that collided with West's Keeper and was injured was called offside by the AR but the Center Ref never even looked over to him. After the collision the Mason player stayed down (never tried to get back up or anything as he was honestly hurt) and the Ref should have stopped play right then with the West Keeper still holding the ball (Keeper actually looked back at the injured player and at the Ref as if waiting for the Ref to stop the play). Once Mason won possession of the punt they should have played the ball out of bounds (typical play when a player is injured) but with their own player laying in the box they continued to attack until Ref FINALLY blew his whistle. Once the trainers attended to the injury and Mason subbed the restart should have NEVER happened the way it did (read my two things above).

No way to sugarcoat this one, West got screwed. Whether it is an OHSAA rule or not, those of us that have played this game know that wasn't the correct way to restart. My guess is the OSHAA Individual that thought of this nonsense has never played a competitive game of soccer in his/her life!!

As for the rest of the game: It was a good game and actually reffed well IMO. But we all see how 79 minutes of a good job can be wiped out with one brain fart.

Kudos to Mason for playing an excellent 2nd half and fighting back to tie the game (which is how it should have ended). Shame on the West players for thinking they had the game won and taking their foot off the pedal. You've got to win 50/50 balls and not sure West won a single one in the second half. Additionally this is a contact sport and some of the West players seem to be afraid of contact (soft). Hopefully next week they will get back one of their best players (#10) who has missed the last 5+ games with an injury.

Let the rebuttals begin!!!
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