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From Joe Scalzo in The Repository:

"It's a great place to come. It's the birthplace of football. This stadium is first class. The way everything is done and stuff, we really enjoyed coming here." - Pickerington Central Coach Jay Sharrett

"A record 13 of 14 state finalists were public schools which tend to bring bigger crowds becuase they are more likely to draw from the entire community" - J.S.

"It's a beautiful stadium already and it's not even finished yet. This is a great facility" - Reno Saccocia

"Canton treats us better than Columbus." - Big Red senior Gino Pierro, who has played at both locations

"Things have gone very well. I think all of us were cautiously optimistic that things would come together, and they did. " - OHSAA spokesman Tim Stried

"Those are two things we will need to look at for next time (referring to ticket lines and parking). But anytime you have an event where 8000 people are arriving at the same time there is going to be an issue. We had the same issues at Ohio State.That's important to note. That is not a knock on Canton. And we've already talked about ways to improve that moving forward. I think the thing we've identified this weekend is that Canton and Columbus are the two premier sites to host a state championship game" - Stried

"This is the mecca of high school football, period. I just feel great that when we won it, we won it in Canton. Why they took it out of Canton, I'll never know " - Saccocia
Saccocia----62 miles of driving...VS 151 miles of driving.....LOL