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Originally Posted by chito View Post
So you see Green going from a mid sized D2, which they are today, to a big D1?
I have not studied the ODE number so perhaps I am way off base here and Green growing into a D1 is not likely. However, I look at Green as a growing district that still has lots of land to develop. As Stark County pushes north (North Canton and Jackson are just about built-out save a few hold out farms) and Summit County pushes south, I would think that Green could be positioned well for future growth.

As I said, I think Perry and Hoover will be left behind size-wise. Jackson, McKinley, GO and Green either are big and I think will remain big (McK, GO and Jakcson) or appear to be primed for growth (Green and I would throw Lake in that group).

I could be wrong but that is how I see it.
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