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Originally Posted by CrudMucker
Just watched the Perry QB highlights from the last game (playoff). He looks pretty solid, good quality QB. Hats off to the young man. But wow I encourage everyone to watch that. The defensive line pass rush against him was slightly above the 8th grade level of play. The overall play from both sides was definitely not at a high level. Swore I was watching the JV and started the video over again to make sure. Are you sure they said they wanted BR?
100% accurate and I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I didn't spot such a ... I'll call it an obvious tell. Orrrr, yes, a dead giveaway.

Originally Posted by RollRed View Post
You know what’s funny. “BigRedFan” voted for Perry 21+ in the poll. Please 14svt just say it’s you. It’s a dead giveaway
Oh snap.

Thread just got more interesting.

So, we have a poster who picked the most generic name ever, but one that explicitly spells out the user's intention: BigRedFan.

The account in question was created yesterday. A sampling of the posts submitted in since:

Originally Posted by BigRedFan View Post
Look, Big Red is probably the best team in the State of Ohio. We are ready and we are going to raise the D4 gold crown. Plus we beat a real good Mooney team. We them boyz RRR. big red 66 Perry 0
Originally Posted by BigRedFan View Post
We'll be ready we gon repeat history for the Big Red
Originally Posted by BigRedFan View Post
Sure we have we had the best schedule in Division IV. We played Dover, New Philadelphia, Canada team, Upper St Clair, Tonawanda O'Hara, Morgantown, Boardman and Youngstown Ursuline those were monster teams. Big Red will be ready yeahh buddy
Exactly zero of the above posts could be written without the realization that they'd bring only negativity from the board toward Big Red and nothing else. They don't further any discussions and they're just shoehorned into what have been otherwise tame discussions.

Then this...

Originally Posted by BigRedFan View Post
Steubenville is the type of team that if you come in as a one dimensional team, they will beat you. If you can do both ways at running and especially passing with with wide receivers that have speed and can catch. It's possible. Hope that makes sense.
...written in the style of someone from outside the area looking in. Even people from around the Valley who didn't attend Big Red and graduated from other high schools refer to the school as "Big Red" almost uniformly.

And then he picks Perry by 21+ points in the poll on this thread, contradicting his entire persona displayed when he is pretending to be a "Big Red Fan."

Transparently trollish behavior if I've ever seen it. Mods?

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