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Originally Posted by Hawkcaulker9 View Post
Wow I guess some people never learn, early anointing has gotten you an 0-2 record in D4 championship games. But that’s ok you do you, at least you don’t have to worry about Hartley this year!!
Agree. In 2015 BR had the better team (more overall talent) and Hartley won. I remember the prep rally before that game in front of the school. It was like we already won. Hartley shocked themselves and BR by winning that game. Hartley coach even said before the game that many don't give us a chance because BR is that good.

Last year Hartley was the better team (more overall talent) and won again. This game BR was the underdog and beat Hartley, well beat them until an error with our field goal. Hartley coach after the game said they stole a win while in the grasp of defeat.

Hartley has the trophies they won both times. But have two points here. The first is I have seen you post this more than once, how BR lost the last two years. This is true but it's not like BR was inferior to Hartley. The ball just bounced their way. Second point is BR fans can get ahead of themselves and declare victory before the game is won. This I'm sure Reno won't let that happen again.
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