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Originally Posted by tom_hsfootball_fan View Post
In the first possession of OT, the offense commits a series of major penalties and is backed up near their own goal line. In the shotgun, the ball is snapped over the head of the QB and goes into the end zone. The defense recovers the ball in the end zone for what would be, in regulation, a touchdown. But, in this situation... is it?
Here is a link to our mechanic book:

Page 29 sets OT procedures

3. Definition: An OT Period is defined as the Home Team (HT) &Visiting Team (VT) each having a series.

10. COP: If B gains possession, ball is dead immediately. As series has ended.

11. Scoring: A team may score by TD, FG, & Try ONLY. If A scores a TD, then do the Try, unless points would not affect the game outcome. Team with the most points at the end of an OT Period wins. Final score: Combine points scored in regulation & all OT Periods.
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