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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
Going to educate you a little here AHM . Do you really think that a 2nd year AD at Coffman would just let Crabtree not only continue coaching never mind give the support he did to coach if this was a " REAl " case of actually enticing recruiting this kid to come to Coffman ?

They made a mistake , anyone who knows anything about this case , KNOWS IT WAS NOTHING, there was a punishment given , BUT this kid was never going to be a QB at Coffman was not a star athlete that was going to be a coup , you know nothing about this at all so your benefit of doubt means less than zero , but it's over the punishment is rendered and that's that .

Doesn't change the fact that more Sells kids have gone over the river in the Eastern Direction than there has been Davis KIDS going to Coffman . Speaking of the great 2007 team , Morris was a good D-Lineman who lived in the Coffman district open enrolled at Scioto, would have started and helped Coffman no question , that Coffman team had ZERO STARTERS not from the Karrer Sells official zone attendance area
Okay. If you say this is how it went down, Im sure thats the way it went down.
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