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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
OK boss errr Lambeau , yes he was poached to play football from DAVIS oh that's right he didn't go there he went to ST Bridgits and he went to Coffman as much to play for a real hockey program which Scioto doesn't really have , so nice try , it isn'[t happening and hasn't happened where Davis/ Scioto kids are poached NOT HAPPENING so the take that they finally had enough bullcrap is just that . Going to get ugly again this year for the Irish I am afraid .

You are a fraud because I know you knew Marcinick's situation and even wrote yourself he went to Coffman for hockey as much as anything. and was as much hockey which is in my opinion was a sport he could have been as good in terms of going somewhere in as football , although he had a great career and is a great kid and student at Yale now.
Your coach has been suspended by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. He's been proven a recruiter and has lost the benefit of the doubt. Sorry.
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